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Section 900's | Notices to Bidders

Special Provisions / Supplemental Specifications
Special Provisions | Supplemental Specifications

Documents followed by a * are fillable forms

Tables of Contents

Table of Contents * Federal Projects (Rev. 04-07-2022)
Table of Contents * State Aid Projects (Rev. 04-07-2022)

Bidder Checklists

Bidder Checklist * Federal Projects (Rev. 12-21-2018)
Bidder Checklist * State Aid Projects (Rev. 12-20-2018)

Non-Collusion Affadavits

Form FAA-2 Federal Non-Collusion Affadivit (Rev. 07-01-2004)
Form SAA-1 State Aid Non-Collusion Affadivit (Rev. 07-01-2004)

Federal Labor Forms

Form FHWA-1273 Federal Labor Regulations Packet (With Affirmative Action Requirement and Area Wage Rates) (Rev. 05-12-2012)
Form FHWA-1273A Federal Labor Regulations (Applicable to Appalachian Contracts only) (Rev. 03-10-1994)
Supplement to FHWA-1273 Supplement to FHWA-1273 (Rev. 10-01-2014)

Section 900's

Section 900 Notice of Advertisement
Section 902 Proposal (With Small Business Concern Statement and List of Proposed Small Business Concern Subcontractors)[11 x 17]
Section 902 Sheet 2-DBE For DBE percentages on Federal-Aid Highway Projects (Rev. 01-2008)
Section 903 Contract (Rev. 03-11-2010)
Section 904 Contract Bond (Rev. 03-11-2010)

Notices to Bidders

Special Notice To Bidders Construction Safety and Health Standards
Notice to Bidders No. 1 Bidding Requirements and Conditions (Rev. 07-01-2004)
Notice to Bidders No. 2 High Voltage Overhead Lines (Rev. 07-01-2004)
Notice to Bidders No. 3 Speciality Items (Rev. 07-01-2004)
Notice to Bidders No. 4 Disadvantaged Business Enterprises in Federal-Aid Highway Construction (Rev. 01-02-2008)
Notice to Bidders No. 5 Status of Utility Adjustment and Right-of-Way Acquisition (Rev. 07-01-2004)
Notice to Bidders No. 5-LSBP Status of Utility Adjustment and Right-of-Way Acquisition (Rev. 07-01-2004)
Notice to Bidders No. 7 Payments to Subcontractors (Rev. 01-10-2020)
Notice to Bidders No. 8 Errata and Modifications to the 2004 Edition of the Standard Specifications for
State Aid Road and Bridge Construction (Rev. 04-07-2022)
Notice to Bidders No. 9 Replaced by Notice to Bidders No. 12
Notice to Bidders No. 10 Monthly Estimate Retainage (Rev. 07-01-2005)
Notice to Bidders No. 11 Certification of 100% of Payment to Subcontractors (Rev. 11-19-2009)
Notice to Bidders No. 12 Fiber Reinforced Concrete (Rev. 05-10-2006)
Notice to Bidders No. 13 Railroads and Contractor Responsibilities (Rev. 04-02-2007)
Notice to Bidders No. 15 Hot Mix Asphalt Safety Edge (Rev. 03-11-2010)
Notice to Bidders No. 16 Safety Apparel (Rev. 11-03-2008)
Notice to Bidders No. 17 Department of Labor Ruling (Rev. 02-23-2008)
Notice to Bidders No. 18 Transportation and Driving of Prestressed Concrete Piles (Rev. 03-11-2020)
Notice to Bidders No. 20 SAM Unique Entity ID Requirements for Federal Funded Projects (Rev. 04-07-2022)

Special Provisions

901-S-228 Hydroseeding (Rev. 02-12-2007)
907-237-3 Wattles (MDOT Special Provision) (Rev. 01-14-2010)
907-247-2 Temporary Stream Diversion (MDOT Special Provision) (Rev. 05-20-2014)
901-S-401-1 Replaced by 901-S-401-2
901-S-401-2 Hot Mix Asphalt (HMA) Pavements – Marshall Mixtures (Rev. 02-05-2008)
907-411-1 Ultra-Thin Asphalt Pavement (MDOT Special Provision) (Rev. 06-28-2010)

Supplemental Specifications

901-S-102-1 Bidding Requirements and Conditions (Rev. 03-11-2010)
901-S-103-1 Award and Execution of Contract (Rev. 03-11-2010)
901-S-104-1 Removal and Disposal of Structures and Obstructions (Rev. 07-01-2005)
901-S-107-2 Material Pits and Quarries (Rev. 07-01-2005)
901-S-107-3 Permits, Licenses and Taxes (Rev. 05-10-2006)
901-S-212-1 Agricultural Limestone (Rev. 01-01-2005)
901-S-412-1 Bituminous Fog Seal (Rev. 01-01-2005)
901-S-423-1 Ground-In Rumble Strips (Rev. 07-01-2005)
901-S-607 Construction Surveying (Rev. 03-14-2019)
901-S-701-1 Replaced by 901-S-701-2
901-S-701-2 Portland Cement (Rev. 05-10-2006)
901-S-707-1 Replaced by 901-S-707-2
901-S-707-2 Joint Materials (Rev. 05-10-2006)
901-S-708-1 Non-Metal Drainage Structures (Rev. 05-10-2006)
901-S-711-1 Replaced by 901-S-711-2
901-S-711-2 Synthetic Structural Fiber Reinforcement (Rev. 05-10-2006)
901-S-714-1 Geotextile Certification (Rev. 07-01-2005)
901-S-714-2 Miscellaneous Materials (Rev. 05-10-2006)
901-S-715-1 Replaced by 901-S-715-2
901-S-715-2 Agricultural Limestone (Rev. 08-25-2005)
901-S-803-1 LRFD Driven Pile Specifications (Rev. 05-24-2010)
901-S-804-1 Concrete Bridges and Structures (Rev. 05-10-2006)

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