Documents – Project Forms

Documents followed by a * are fillable forms


Archaeological_Invoice* Archaeological Survey Invoice (Rev. 09-01-2011)

C-10* Construction Change Request Form (Rev. 07-17-2008)

CA-1 (Modified)* County-State Agreement (modified to sublet) (Rev. 07-07-2022)

CAD-160 S* Equipment Rental Request (Rev. 06-10-2016)

CAD-440 Labor Questionnaire (Federal-Aid Projects) (Rev. 09-01-2007)

CAD-521* Notice of Requirement for Affirmative Action to Ensure Equal Employment Opportunity (Rev. 03-01-2007)

CAD-725* (Sub) Sub-Contract Certification for Federal Aid Projects (Rev. 03-01-2007)

CAD-880* Weekly Summary of Wages (Rev. 09-01-2007)

CAD-881* Weekly Statement of Compliance (Rev. 09-01-2007)

CAD-881 Instructions Instructions for Preparation of Statement of Compliance

CE_Request_for_Final_Inspection CE Request for Final Inspection

CE_Testing_Invoice (XLS) CE Testing Invoice Spreadsheet (Rev. 03-15-2007)

County Engineers Certificate of Completion Accompanying Final Estimate* (Rev. 07-20-2020)

CSD-761* Traffic Control Plan Report

Diary* Diary Form (Rev. 02-13-2008)

E-1* Equipment, Construction Personnel, Engineering Personnel Certification (Rev. 07-07-2022)

EEV Certification* Contractor EEV Certification and Agreement (Rev. 06-12-2012)

Engineering Estimate * Engineering Estimate (Rev. 11-05-2008)

FAS-S.A. SC-1* OSARC Subcontract Form (Rev. 08-2000)

Federal Lands Highway Easement Deed* Federal Form(Rev. 03-19-2009)

FHWA 1273 Required Contract Provisions Federal-Aid Construction Contracts (Rev. 05-12-2012)

FHWA 1273a Attachment A - Employment Preference for Appalachian Contracts (Rev. 03-01-1994)

FHWA 1273 Affirmative Action Requirement (09-30-1987)

FHWA 1589* (XLS) ARRA Monthly Employment Report (Rev. 03-25-2009)

LT-100 Load Test Load Test Report (Rev. 02-13-2008)

Municipal LSBP Agreement Municipal LSBP Agreement (Rev. 12-18-2008)


OCR-481-S* Disadvantage Business Enterprise List (Rev. 06-2016)

OCR-482-S* Certification of Payments to DBE Firms (Rev. 03-2006)

OCR-483-S* Commercially Useful Function Performance Report (Rev. 02-2009)

OCR-484-S* Certification of Payments to Subcontractors (Rev. 08-2017)

OCR-484-SA* Certification of Payments to Subcontractors (State Aid) (Rev. 10-2002)

OCR-485-S* List of Firms Submitting Quotes (Rev. 06-12-2012)

OCR-487-S DBE Prime Contractors (Rev. 10-2002)



OCR-481-SA-C* Disadvantage Business Enterprise List (Rev. 10-2018)

OCR-482-SA-C* Certification of Payments to DBE Firms (Rev.10-2018)

OCR-483-SA-C* Commercially Useful Function Performance Report (Rev. 10-2018)

OCR-484-SA-C* Certification of Payments to Subconsultants (Rev. 10-2018)

OCR-485-SA-C* List of Firms Submitting Quotes (Rev. 10-2018)

OCR-487-SA-C* DBE Prime Consultants and Subconsultants (Rev. 10-2018)


OSARC_CONCRETE_QCP_Form (XLS) OSARC Concrete QCP Form Spreadsheet (Rev. 12-11-2006)

P-1A * Monthly Report of County Engineer (Rev. 02-13-2008)

P-1A * Final Report of the County Engineer (Rev. 11-29-2022)

P-9 Agreement for Proposed Force Account Extra Work (Rev 02-13-2008)

PR-3 Pile Report Diesel Hammer Pile Report Diesel Hammer (Rev. 07-01-2005)

PR-3D Pile Report Drop Hammer Pile Report Drop Hammer (Rev. 07-01-2005)

Program_Form_LSBP* LSBP Program Form (Rev. 02-13-2008)

Program_Form_SAP* OSARC / Federal Aid Program Form (Rev. 01-01-2007)

PS-3 Final Pile Record Final Pile Record (Rev. 07-01-2005)

RR_ROW_Form_2017-02-01* Railroad ROW Certification Form (Rev. 02-01-2017)

SA-ENV-160 Environmental Class Action Determination

SA-ENV-REV Environmental Review State Funded Project Checklist (SOP II-2-14)

SA FCR-1* OSARC First Construction Report (Rev. 08-22-2019)

SA ROW-U2 OSARC Utility Agreement (Rev. 07-01-2005)

SA-723 Report of Seeds Planted (Rev. 07-01-2005)

SA-724 OSARC Surface Treatment Report (Rev. 07-01-2005)

SA-C Material Division Daily Report for Concrete in Structures (Rev. 07-01-2005)

SAP-2A Calculation Sheet for Payment of Plant Mix Bituminous Pavements (Rev. 10-03-2008)

Supplemental Agreement (FA)* Supplemental Agreement Contract for Federal Projects (Rev. 03-13-2020)

Supplemental Agreement (SA)* Supplemental Agreement Contract for State Aid Projects (Rev. 03-13-2020)

TMD-004-SA OSARC Asphalt Paving Inspectors Daily Report (Rev. 07-01-2005)

TMD-005-SA MDOT Asphalt Inspectors Daily Report (Rev. 07-01-2005)

TMD-042cg Bituminous Mix Design (Rev. 06-2000)

TMD-683-SA Testing Division (Rev. 07-01-2005)

TMD-724-SA Standard Density Test Data (Rev. 07-01-2005)

TMD-892-SA Form for Field Verification (Rev. 07-01-2005)

TP-100 Diesel Hammer Test Pile Report Diesel Hammer (Rev. 07-01-2005)

TP-100 Double Acting Hammer Test Pile Report Double Acting Hammer (Rev. 07-01-2005)

TP-100D Drop Hammer Test Pile Report Drop Hammer (Rev. 07-01-2005)

Utility_Checklist* Utility Checklist (Rev. 04-11-2022)

Wetland_Invoice* Wetland Survey Invoice (Rev. 09-01-2011)