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Harry Lee James, P.E.
State Aid Engineer

04-01-2020 - OSARC continues to operate with a reduced staff consistent with Governor Reeve’s Executive Order on March 16, 2020 and subsequent actions relative to the COVID-19 pandemic. OSARC employees, consultants, county engineers and contractors are listed as “Essential Critical Infrastructure Workers” by Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) and will continue to work to ensure that local infrastructure is maintained and operational to the greatest extent possible such that emergency relief and supplies including medical care, food, and fuel may be delivered to impacted areas and statewide as needed.

Outside visitors will continue to not be allowed in the building until further notice. Arrangements can be made to drop off or pick up if necessary. OSARC will continue to correspond with the public through mail, E-mail, phone and voicemail. OSARC is continuing to make the processing of payments a top priority. The procedures that were put in place to pay estimates and invoices have been working properly and we do not anticipate a delay on our end, nor have we been informed that there will be a delay in processing payments through the Department of Finance and Administration.

Please contact OSARC at mail@osarc.ms.gov if you have any questions or concerns and continue to check the this web site regularly for office status updates.

Also, thank you for your patience during this time. We wish the best health and safety to each of you and your families!


04-01-2020 - Please see updated COVID-19 operating information in the left pane.

FHWA-NHI-130053 - Bridge Inspection Refresher Training October 27, 2020 - October 29, 2020

FHWA-NHI-130055 - Safety Inspection of In-Service Bridges August 3, 2020 - August 14, 2020

Please see the attached public notice from MDOT regarding DBE participation in federally funded projects. For questions or concerns please see the instructions outlined in the attachment.